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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I have been so blessed to have such a happy, happy baby. From Day 1, she has been such a sweet, easy baby and as she gets older, she is becoming quite a funny, silly little girl. Just recently, she has perfected her "cheeseball" grin, and she loves to flash it at any unsuspecting individual. Here she is, grinning at Grandma Vause.

Like me, Kinsey has HUGE eyes but when she smiles they disappear. I love her little toothless grin and I am both excited and saddened to know that any day, that smile will be gone forever, replaced by a big kid toothy smile. Here's another picture, just so I can laugh at her sweet face...
I don't think I blogged about this, but I did talk about it with a few people... we submitted Kinsey's picture to a handful of local modeling agencies. She is "in the books" at a few of them, and a few others expressed interest but wanted $700-800 for pictures and other 'fees'. Of course we told those companies no (I think my actual words were "She is too cute to pay YOU. YOU should be paying US!") and I had kind of forgotten about the idea until last week. Then, on the same day, we received two phone calls. One was from Agency A, with whom we had never spoken to, and they wanted to meet with her. The other was from Agency B, who we had pretty much told to shove their fee, and they wanted to meet with her again and waive the fee.
We met with both agencies, and both want to sign Kinsey to a 2 year contract. One is a smaller boutique agency, where Kinsey would be one of 6 or 7 babies and the other is the largest, most connected agency in town and Kinsey would be one of many, many babies. I just can't decide which agency to sign with - personal attention or connections with Disney???? I am waiting to talk to someone from Agency B (drives me crazy that their baby agent only works on Saturday. A bad sign?) about my concerns, then we will decide.
I do realize that Kinsey could get work with either agency, or she might never work no matter who she signs with. I don't want to push her into anything or exploit her (no pageants until she is old enough to make the decision), but I would love for her to have a cushion to fall back on when she is older. I know I made some bad decisions because I needed money, and I hope she is never in that position.
So, that's where we are with my little cheeseball.

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Anonymous said...

Let's talk about exploitation!

Yes...Kinsey is a doll, but she is a baby so there should not be that much to consider in a decision such as this.