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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

To Whom It May Concern - UPDATED

Please accept this notice that my daughter, Kinsey, will not be starting in your infant room this week. We visited the center on Monday, September 15th, to allow Kinsey to get acquainted with the idea of day care. After our visit, I am no longer comfortable leaving my child in your center.

I would like to begin by saying that the three women in the infant room were exceptionally nice and professional, and in no way should this reflect poorly on them. That being said, I would like to let you know what influenced my decision, so that you may rectify these issues.
· I registered and pre-paid first week’s tuition for my daughter on July 28, 2008. Even with this advanced notice, when we arrived Monday, I found that she was assigned to “the broken crib”. When I asked the teacher where Kinsey’s stuff would be stored, since she was the only one without a drawer, I received an honest answer that she “wasn’t sure” and was looking for a place…in the meantime, it would just stay in her crib. I was told that a maintenance order had been put in, but it was unknown when it would be fulfilled.
· Both swings and both bouncers/rockers had dead batteries. I mentioned this and was told that “they were all out of batteries up front”. As a former Curriculum Specialist for your company, I am aware that supplies are procured on an as needed basis, and it seems to me that maintaining a battery supply for the infant room would be a priority at this location as well. Given that my daughter is less than 3 months old and cannot sit up on her own, I expect that she would be placed in a swing or bouncer at times, but when that equipment doesn’t move, it is the equivalent of leaving her in her crib.
· I am fully aware that state regulations allow for a 1:5 or 2:11 ratio, and for all non-walkers/under one years to be in the same class, but when I sat down with Kinsey on the floor area, I was barely able to keep a much larger child from falling on her head. I was not expecting Kinsey to receive 1:1 care, but without it yesterday, she would have been hurt.
· When I asked about getting a card for building access, I was told that the system was “still broken” and that I could just ring the door bell. The fact that the access system is broken leads me to question the security of my daughter while in your center.

As a result of our experience, I have decided to hire an in-home nanny for Kinsey, beginning immediately. I am aware that the registration fee is non-refundable, however, I do expect a refund of tuition, seeing that Kinsey was never officially enrolled (her paperwork is not complete- missing shot record) and that she never attended your center. If the refund is not issued, I will be forced to go ahead with a chargeback on my credit card.



BlogNotes: Yep, that is where we are at, and I go back to work TOMORROW!!! I am working on a few nanny interviews for this afternoon, and Princess Nana (Mike's mom) has offered to take tomorrow of, if necessary. Oh, the drama.

UPDATE: We have a nanny! Mrs. A came by this afternoon, and from the minute I opened the door, I loved her. And...she is CPR/first aid certified, DES licensed and has a DPS fingerprint clearance card. She is okay with the dogs, and can start tomorrow! Hooray!

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Robin said...

Wow..... I am speechless! I too would have told them thanks but no thanks on that one! That is crazy! Glad everything worked out for you and that you were able to find a nanny in no time!